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About Me

I'm Amy, a dedicated professional with a deep-rooted passion for immortalizing beautiful moments. My journey with the camera began in childhood and has flourished into a lifelong pursuit.

I specialize in portraits, weddings, and special events, striving to create a relaxed atmosphere that lets your true self shine through. My approach is a blend of timeless tradition and modern flair, capturing images that are as unique as they are eternal.

With a seasoned eye for the fine details, I've carved out a place for myself in the Oldsmar community. My work has not only been featured in various publications but has also been honored with numerous awards.

Thank you for visiting, and I can't wait to tell your story through my lens!

Our services


Specializing in professional headshots, I provide a tailored experience to capture your unique personality and professional image. Whether you're a corporate executive, an artist, or a small business owner, my approach ensures that your headshot conveys confidence and approachability. With my mobile studio, I can create the perfect setting in your office, home, or outdoor location of your choice.

Family Photos (Reunions, Holidays)

Family gatherings are special moments worth capturing, and my family photo sessions are designed to do just that. Whether it's a big family reunion or a cozy holiday gathering, I aim to capture the warmth, love, and unique dynamics of your family. Using a blend of candid and posed shots, I create timeless images that tell the story of your family's bond and individual personalities. My mobile studio setup can come to your home or any meaningful location to make the session comfortable and convenient for the whole family.


Event Photography

As an event photographer, my goal is to capture the essence and energy of your special event. From corporate functions and conferences to private parties and celebrations, I ensure every important moment is immortalized. With a keen eye for detail and a discreet presence, I blend into your event to capture candid moments and key highlights. My experience in various lighting and crowd scenarios ensures high-quality images that encapsulate the spirit of your event.


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Freequently Asked Questions

What should I wear?

Family Photos: Coordinated but not matching outfits. Choose a color palette (like pastels, earth tones, or monochromatic shades) and let each family member express their style within that range. Avoid busy patterns and opt for timeless pieces.

Headshots: Solid colors that complement your skin tone. Avoid distracting patterns. Business attire for professional headshots and more casual attire for personal or creative headshots.
Events: Dress appropriately for the event's theme or dress code. For formal events, elegant attire, and for casual events, smart casual works well.

Do you have a studio or shoot on location?

I have a mobile studio, allowing me to come to your preferred location. This flexibility is perfect for capturing the essence of your family or the theme of your event in a natural setting

Turn around time from the session?

Typically, you can expect your photos within 2-3 weeks. This allows time for careful editing and retouching to ensure the highest quality.

When is the best time to do the session?

The best time often depends on the type of photography:

Outdoor Family Photos: Golden hour, either early morning or late afternoon, for the best natural light.
Headshots: Anytime during the day with good natural light, or anytime in my mobile studio.

Events: Depends on the event's schedule; I'm flexible to accommodate.

Can My Pet Be Included?

Absolutely! Pets are an important part of the family or individual experience. Just let me know in advance so I can prepare accordingly.

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